MTC '18 Spotlight: Katie Shows





1. What made you want to join the Mississippi Teacher Corps?

At the time, I was considering several different graduate programs, I was searching for jobs, and I was seeking advice from my family. I spoke to a friend who had been in the program, and I realized that it sounded perfect. Teaching was at the top of my list of options, and I knew I wanted to teach in Mississippi. MTC really embodied everything I was searching for in a program. After I decided to pursue a career in teaching, I looked at programs offered through Ole Miss, but my heart was set on MTC. I loved how the program brought new, young people to the state, and how it aimed to impact the teacher shortage in Mississippi.

2. What is it like to teach at South Panola?

Teaching at South Panola has been the most amazing experience. I get to teach Biology, and I get so much extra support since the class is state-tested. The administration here is really supportive, I have a mentor that is really involved, and the students keep me excited to come to work each day. My favorite part about teaching at South Panola is my students, and I feel so privileged to be apart of their lives.

3. You're one of the few married participants in the cohort. What does your husband think of your experience in the Teacher Corps so far?

My husband knew I had decided to teach before I did. Back when I was considering my options, he told me he would support me in whatever I chose. When I told him I was applying to teach he was pretty unsurprised, but he was very excited to help me anyway he could. The first summer of the program was hard for us, but my husband really stepped up and took care of everything. He grocery shopped, cooked dinner, did all the laundry, paid all our bills, and took care of our pets. He was a superhero that whole summer, and I never would have made it without him. He has now admitted that he often felt very neglected and ignored, but he knew I just had to finish the summer. There were definitely days when I didn’t even have time to really speak to him, and I’ve spent some time making up for that now. He loves that the program has helped me achieve my goals, but he was not prepared for how hard that first summer would be.

4. How have you changed since joining MTC?

Since joining MTC, I think I have managed to grow a lot. I have learned how to be more assertive through careful interactions with my students. As a teacher, you have to be very direct and clear with every expectation. I have found that I am better at communicating with those around me because I always have to be so intentional with my words at work and it spills over at home. I have learned so much about myself through the eyes of my students, and some days I feel like they have taught me more than I taught them.

Hunter Taylor