Course Curriculum

Participants in the MTC are required to complete the following courses:

First Year

Full Summer Term (9 hours):

  • EDCI 610: Assessing Student Learning
  • EDCI 611: Effective Teaching & Classroom Practices
  • EDCI 615: Classroom Facilitation and Management
  • MTC Summer School

Fall Semester (6 hours):

  • EDCI 600: Advanced Methods
  • EDCI 612: Diversity of the Adolescent Learner

Spring Semester (6 hours):

  • EDSE 610: National and State Issues in Education
  • EDCI 602: Curriculum Construction        

Second Year

First Summer Term (3 hours):

  • EDLT 605: Content Area Literacy
  • MTC Summer School

Fall Semester (6 hours):

  • EDCI 614: Teachers as Leaders
  • EDRS 605: Educational Research I

Spring Semester (6 hours):

  • EDLD 641: Law and Ethics of Education
  • EDSE 651: Advanced Individual Study       

Total Program Hours: 36

The School of Education at the University of Mississippi is fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

This curriculum is specifically tailored for MTC participants and is not offered to the general public.