MTC '18 Spotlight: Jack Horan





1. What made you want to join the Mississippi Teacher Corps?

I have wanted to be a teacher at least since high school, and have known that I want to work in high poverty areas since college. Having done my research, I believed that MTC fit the criteria of what I wanted, while also providing me with the opportunity for a masters.

2. You were a college football player at Allegheny College, and you coached football this past fall at West Tallahatchie. How did that experience go? 

The experience of coaching was very different from playing, and in some ways, much more challenging. I went from being the one who would take the instructions, and follow what I was supposed to do, and became the one who had to motivate and teach. It felt weird being the one in charge.

3. What have you learned about your students & players?

I found that the biggest thing that my students and players want is a sense that you care about them. Not just in a sense that you care how their day is, though that is important, but also that you have bought into helping them and their community.

4. How have you changed since joining MTC?

I found out that I can be flexible when I need to, and have found ways to be more deliberate in the way I talk or act, thinking about how this can best help my students.

Hunter Taylor