MTC '18 Spotlight: Sarah Chambers

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Name: Sarah Chambers

College: The University of Memphis

Placement: Leland Middle School


1. What made you want to join the Mississippi Teacher Corps?

I love the South. I’ve lived here my entire life, and there’s no where I’d rather live and work. As someone who has ties to Louisiana and Memphis, I thought that Mississippi would keep me close enough to family that I could be there if anything were to happen, and I would still be able to pursue my dreams of being a teacher. When I heard about MTC, it was truly a blessing. After hearing Dr. Mullins and Mr. Holt speak about the goals of the program, I knew that this was the perfect fit.

2. What have you learned about your students so far?

I have learned that my children are the brightest, kindest, and most amazing humans in the world. I’m sure that most teachers feel that way about their kids, but in my case it’s true! There is such a thirst for knowledge that is truly inspiring, and such a sense of community that everyone is supportive of one another in their efforts. They’re kids, and kids will be kids; but in every one of them, there is such a huge potential that I feel so blessed to be able to witness. Some for sure have a wariness of me, and I don’t take it personally, but we are fostering a really great culture.

3. What have you learned about Leland?

I have learned that if there is a Heaven on Earth, it’s Leland. My school is amazing, the town is so rich with history, and some of the most kind and compassionate humans inhabit this city. It’s also the birthplace of Kermit the Frog!

4. Would you like to give a shout-out to another teacher in your cohort?

I have two: Kaela S. and Achaia M. Kaela has easily grown the most since the beginning of summer school. I got to sit down and talk with her this week and the absolute joy on her face when she talked about her kids was a stark contrast to the stress I saw throughout summer school. She has become this amazing, funny, loving teacher that I wish so badly I could see interact with her students! 

Achaia M. has been my rock. She helped me find housing, sits with me to plan, and is constantly reminding me to find the humor in every situation. I think she is brave, and tough, and the way she has thrown herself into her role as a teacher makes me feel hopeful every day.


The Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC) selects exceptional college graduates to teach in high-poverty public schools in Mississippi. MTC provides training, support, certification, and a full scholarship for a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from the University of Mississippi. During the school year, participants receive full pay and benefits from their school district and attend graduate classes at the University of Mississippi.

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