29 for 29 Campaign


Dear Alumni & Supporters,

We are kicking off our "29 for 29" fundraising campaign! We are asking the 569 alumni in the Mississippi Teacher Corps family to give $29 in support of our 29th cohort, the Class of 2018. In keeping with the theme, our goal for this campaign is to raise $2,900.


There are two possible funds for those who choose to donate:

1. Mullins Endowment

This fund supports MTC Alumni wishing to continue their education at the University of Mississippi (Oxford campus) in any degree program. The first scholarships were awarded two years ago to Derek King (Class of 2010), who is working on his Ed.D degree, and to Kelly King (Class of 2010), who earned a specialist degree in Educational Leadership. We are hoping to increase this fund so that more scholarship opportunities can be awarded in the future. Click here to donate to this fund. In the designation, be sure to place your amount in the "Mullins MS Teacher Corps Scholarship Endowment" section.


2. MTC Endowment

This fund was started several years ago with a fundraiser similar to this one. Over the years, a number of MTC graduates have made gifts to this fund. The endowment is valuable to use as an addition to the MTC annual legislative line-item appropriation. Our appropriation has been cut slightly in the last two years and may take another cut this next year if the IHL system continues to face reductions. Although MTC has not been singled out for cuts, its funding would be decreased at the same percentage as any other program in the IHL system. It is important that this endowment continue to grow these proceeds to maintain the quality of the MTC program. Click here to donate to this fund. In the designation, be sure to place your amount in the "Mississippi Teacher Corps Endowment" section.


Dr. Sweeney, Dr. Mullins, and Dr. Taylor will kick off this campaign with personal donations of $129 each. Both endowments benefit MTC and the principal balances of each are sacrosanct. Only the interest generated can be spent. All donations are tax deductible.


Your support is greatly appreciated!



Joe Sweeney, Andy Mullins, & Hunter Taylor

Hunter Taylor